New OBD Checks introduced to NCT McNallys garage

New OBD Checks introduced to NCT

The National Car Testing Service (NCTS) are now using OBD testing as part of the regular NCT as and from June 2021. This new testing will ensure safer cars on the roads and is in accordance with EU directives.

What is OBD?

An On-Board Diagnostics System (OBD) is the computer system in a vehicle that will track and regulate the cars performance.  It will collect information from sensors to alert the driver to a potential problem before it escalates into a serious issue.

Initially, during the NCT, when an OBD error code is detected, it will result in the vehicle receiving an ‘Advisory Pass’.  Then, from early 2022, when an error code is detected, this may constitute a reason for ‘Failure’ according to the NCTS.

At the Test Centre

The inspector will plug the OBD scanner into the vehicle and this scanner will indicate if there are any error codes.  If there are alerts, then the inspector will have details of these defects.  As the port for this is often in the glove compartment of a car, it is important to have this clear for the test.

While the vehicle will not need to return for re-inspection for these items alone in 2021, in early 2022 this situation will change.  From then an error code would constitute a reason for failure in the NCT.  More information can be found on the website for the RSA.

What can you do?

By booking a service before your NCT you can be assured that we will use OBD testing to check for any faults.  That means the faults are identified and can be fixed by us before your car goes for testing.  Saving you the disappointment of a failed NCT and having the expense and hassle of a re-test.  To find out more talk to the friendly expert team at McNally’s Garage today.